Zora has been creating large and small Murano glass masterpieces  for the past twenty years.   The artwork resembles some of the Art DecÚ motifs  where color reigns.

Her uniqueness has been noted worldwide especially with namebrands such as Maison Dior, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, Arab princes.  The Mother Queen of  England sent a written recognition of merit for one of her glass bouquets. 

Her pieces have even furnished and decorated film and television sets. In the world of show-business she has worked with Don Lurio.   Some of her more renown customers are Nastassja Kinsky, Gillo Pontecorvo, Irene Bignardi, Silvana Giacobini, Ottavia Piccolo, Donald Sutherland, Steven G. Segal.

Her success was highlighted by having participated to the International Art Expo of New York featuring her grape cluster-sculpture weighing 75kg. 

She has won several first-prize awards in national and international competitions artistic decorations, of which, "La tavola nelle quattro stagioni-The tabletop's four seasons" (Florence, Italy) and "La bomboniera italiana" as well as the one entitled Peggy Guggenheim. 

Zora's works of art have been displayed in newspapers and magazines around the world. The Mayor of Venice recognized her merits in an official ceremony.

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