She has been featured on magazine covers in her specialized trade; Gift, D'A, Emporium, etc).  Write ups include New York Times, Amica, Spazio Casa, Gioia, Domina Brava Casa, Abitare, Gita, Glass Style, MCM and many more.

...Zora captures and imprisons light through her glassware exalting her love and admiration for both  her city and her art, the very silent protagonists of every piece as so quoted by AD Magazine.

...That very capability of learning how to contrast the new with the old is one of Zora's typical traits.   Her creations emanate a special sense and immediate feeling to those who love enhancing their living spaces with refined detail.  (Gift Magazine)

...The work as an artist such as Zora Renier is the fruit of her love of Venice, her creative ability of knowing how to represent the beauty of glassware with refined simplicity;  searching the beyond for unique ornamental shapes and colorful compositions. (D'A Magazine)

...Zora Renier, shares her talent, enthusiasm and joy of life rendering even more beautiful and soave the world that surrounds her; fortunate are those who have the chance to get to know her.  (Emporium Magazine)

Renown abroad for Venetian originality reflections and transparent lights from the Grand Canal captured in refined works of art-glass.  (Gazzettino Newspaper)

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